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An online "How to Use ASSIST" tool has been added to It provides an audio/video demonstration of how to find various kinds of information in the main body of ASSIST (not including Exploring Majors). You can reach it directly at and selecting "Click here to learn about using ASSIST at the top of the page. That will link to a menu describing the various information categories. Selecting an item will open the demo of the related screens.

If you have opened the ASSIST home page and would like to access the “How to Use ASSIST” tool, from the “Welcome to ASSIST” page, select “Using ASSIST” on the left sidebar. Then select  “Click here to learn about using ASSIST”. Then select from the menu describing the various kinds of information available on ASSIST. Again, selecting an item will open the demo of the related screens.

The demos are Flash movies. They use Flash Player, a free media player, which is programmed on many computers and is available to download without charge at The movie should begin to play immediately upon being opened. Each video is supplemented with the ADA-required visual text that appears as a series of windows that open in time to the audio narrative.





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