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Below are the links for the Application Review sessions. They are designed for students who have specific questions about a completed online application or would like a counselor review before submitting one. These are drop-in sessions in the Transfer Center computer lab. To prepare for a review session:

  1. Log on to or and attempt to complete as much of the application as you can.

    1. For CSU, log on to , select Student and print your unofficial transcripts and current semester class schedule.

    2. For UC, go to Admissions & Records, the Transfer Center, or a drop-in counselor for an unofficial chronological course history and current enrollment.

  2. If you have transcripts from other colleges bring them as well as any evaluation done by Merced College to the workshop.

  3. Bring any work completed by your counselor prior to the application workshop (e.g., ed plans, GPA calculations, etc.).



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Transfer Center Counselor: Greg Soto

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