FLEX submissions are due by 5/1/2022

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Vision Resource Center - FAQs 

How do I find my transcript?

              If you are on the Welcome Page, there is a button in the middle that says “My Transcript”.  From all other pages, go to the blue bar at the top and click on Learning > My Transcript.

How do I find my Zoom code or room number for a FLEX Workshop?

              From your transcript, find the session you want and click on the button that says “View Training Details”

Why is a FLEX workshop not showing up on my Completed Transcript?

              Either you didn’t fill out the evaluation or the presenter didn’t record the attendance yet.

How do I see how many hours I have already completed?

              From the blue bar at the top of the VRC, go to Reports > Dashboard.  Don’t forget to hit refresh to see any new information.

How many hours do I need to complete?

              For part-time faculty, see below.  For full-time faculty, most people will need 24 hours of FLEX time because they teach 30 units * 80% = 24 hours.  However, if you teach release time, short-term classes, were on sabbatical or otherwise taught a reduced load, the calculations will be different.  Please email me at flex@mccd.edu so I can record your situation.

 I did attend a meeting/workshop that was on campus, do I need to enter that in External Training?

              Maybe.   Right now, I have pushed attendance from Convocation and Academic Senate/Curriculum Committee on  to your transcript.   You will be able to see this on your Complete Transcript.  All others you should enter in manually.  If you are unsure, send an email to flex@mccd.edu.   This list will likely get extended to other campuswide committees and workshops in the 2021-2022 school year.  

What do I do if I am missing workshops from my Completed Transcript?

              No worries!  Just send an email to flex@mccd.edu and I will fix it right up.

My External Training was denied.  How can I find the reason?

             Check your email.  There will be an email from noreply@vrc.com that will state the reason.

What if I mess up?

              No worries!  Just send an email to flex@mccd.edu and I will fix it right up.


For Part-time Faculty         

When will I get paid?

              I will be running reports on completed hours weekly.   As soon as you hit your 3 hours, I will generate a timesheet and send you a confirmation email.  If you decide you want to claim less than 3 hours, send an email to flex@mccd.edu.  Anyone who has less than 3 hours on 5/15 will automatically get paid for that number of hours.

For Presenters

My workshop details have changed, should I change that myself?

              No!  Just send an email to flex@mccd.edu and I will fix it right up.

How do I claim my prep time for my presentation?

              You were listed on the roster so you already received credit for attending.  Additionally, you are entitled to 3x time for a first-time presentation and 2x time for repeat presentation.  You will need to submit External Training for the additional time.   

Example:  You did a 2 hours presentation for the first time.  You are entitled to 3x2=6 hours total.  You have already been given 2 hours credit for attending so you will need to submit External Training for the extra 4 hours.


FLEX Peer Review Committee 

The purpose of the FLEX Peer Review Committee is to determine whether an activity meets the FLEX guidelines designated by Title 5, the Chancellors Office and the Academic Senate of Merced College.  The Committee meets on the first Friday of the month.  One of the goals of the committee is to serve as an available resource to assist faculty in completing their individual FLEX/Staff Development obligation.  Additional information may be found in the portal under Senate Bylaws and Board Policy. 

FLEX Coordinator (Year 2021-2022):  Kristi Rieg (email: flex@mccd.edu)

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