Joe Allison, Vice President of Administrative Services
Kelly Fowler, Vice President of Instruction
Ron Perez, Director of Facilities Management
Bryan Tassey, Director of Grounds and Farm Management
Will Resendes, Director Technology Infrastructure and Arcihtecture
Louisa Behnissen, MCFA Representative
Nate Devine, MCFA Representative
Ivan Navarro, Academic Senate Representatative
Bryan Donnelly, Academic Senate Representative
Jess Betancourt, ASMC Representative
Traci Veyl, Director Financial Aid
Estelina Jones, Acting Director of DSPS
Bobby Anderson, Dean of Instruction Area 4
John Albano, Dean of Instruction Area 5
Jeanette Martin, CSEA Representative
Angelica Campos, CSEA Representative
Gabriella Garcia, Classified Senate
Shannon Gragg, Classified Senate
Brenda Latham,  Los Banos Campus Representative
Wayne Altenberg, Los Banos Campus Representative

Resource Staff:

Sheila Flores, Manager of Events and Capital Planning
Denise Butler, Administrative Assistant to VP Administrative Services