California School Employees Association (CSEA)

CSEA logoWhat is CSEA (Classified School Employees Association)?

The California School Employees Association is the largest classified school employees union in the United States representing over 230,000 classified employees in California.
CSEA was formed in 1927 by a determined group of Oakland custodians who saw the need to gain rights and benefits for themselves and other classified employees. Through this initial determination, CSEA proved to be an organization that would stand the test of time. In 2001, CSEA members voted to become an independently chartered union of the AFL-CIO.
CSEA continues to thrive as a member-run union, democratically controlled by member volunteers in more than 750 local chapters throughout California. The union is led by the CSEA Board of Directors. Labor Relations Representatives and other professional staff work under the authority of CSEA’s Executive Director.

CSEA is the sole and exclusive representative of those members of the bargaining unit enumerated in the certification by Educational Employment Relations Board (currently Public Employment Relations Board). All newly-created positions, except those that are lawfully Certificated, Management, Supervisors, or Confidential, shall be assigned to the bargaining unit.

CSEA has several important objectives, including the following:

  • To promote the good and welfare of the members under the available labor relations system 
  • To promote legislation in the best interest of its members and public education 
  • To represent the members in bargaining 
  • To establish a spirit of friendly cooperation, mutual trust, and respect with the Merced College Board of Trustees and Administrators 

2019 Elected Officers

Terry Plett
President | (209) 386-6735

Carmen Moreno
Vice President | (209) 386-6709

Dondi Lawrence
Secretary | (209) 384-6077

Maria Soto
Treasurer | (209) 384-6058

Steve Welch
Communications Officer (formerly CPRO) | (209) 384-6148

Kristi Wolf
Chief Union Steward | (209) 384-6303

Daryl Lingerfelt
Past President | (209) 384-6345

Ramon Avila, Jr.
Negotiator | (209) 386-6761

Diana Butts
Negotiator | (209) 384-6036

Angelica Campos
Negotiator | (209) 384-6293

Christine Grimaldi Clarkson
Chief Negotiator | (209) 384-6019