Crime Awareness and Campus Security

In compliance with the Federal Campus Security Act, Merced College makes an annual and a three-year security report available upon request. This report contains procedures for students and others to report criminal actions or other emergencies occurring on campus. It also includes the District’s policy in responding to such reports, a policy statement on security and access to campus facilities, and the enforcement authority of security personnel. The report also contains policies that encourage accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to campus security and appropriate police agencies, information on programs which inform students and employees about security procedures and practices and which encourage them to be responsible for their own security and that of others, a description of programs to inform students and employees about crime prevention, and statistics on the on-campus occurrence of reported criminal offenses. Also included are policy statements on the possession, use, and sale of alcohol and illegal drugs, information on enforcement of state underage drinking laws and federal and state drug laws, and descriptions of available drug or alcohol abuse programs. Copies of pertinent data, program information, and procedures are available from the Security Office.