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Reporting Sexual Assault

  1. As soon as convenient, the victim should report incidents of sexual assault, including date or acquaintance rape and gang rape to the Merced Community College Police Department, the local Police (if off campus), Merced College faculty or staff members, or designated Sexual Harassment Advisor.
  2. The victim should make every attempt to preserve any physical evidence of the assault. This may include not showering or bathing, use of feminine cleaning products, not leaving the scene of the incident, and not disposing of any damaged clothing or other items.
  3. The Campus Police, with the victimís consent, will immediately initiate a criminal investigation of on-campus sexual assaults.

A Victimís Advocate (VA) will be assigned to provide non-investigatory victimís assistance. The VA will be attached to the Campus Police and assigned by the Chief on an individual case basis. The functions of the VA are informal and advisory, aimed solely at aiding the person seeking assistance, information or advice. The VA will not investigate nor adjudicate complaints of sexual assault or rape. The VA will assist the victim in changing academic and living situations after a sexual assault if requested where reasonable accommodation can be made.

The following disciplinary action procedures may be imposed on recognized individual students, student organization, and/or campus faculty and staff members found guilty of sexual assault:

  1. Expulsion from the campus
  2. Suspension or probation
  3. Withdrawal of campus recognition
  4. Informing organizationís national or regional offices
  5. Disbanding of local chapter
  6. Prohibiting participation in campus activities
  7. Performance of community service
  8. Dismissal from employment
  9. Loss of all campus privileges
  10. Psychological counseling or assessment