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Safety First!

Merced Community College offers a pleasant, safe and healthful environment in which to work and study. But, as businesses and campuses across the country are increasingly aware, it takes valance to protect that positive environment from the stresses, pressures and threats of violence that permeate our society. In recent years, Merced College has given much thought to ways of preventing incidents that could harm the pleasant, day-to-day environment that is so much a part of our campus. With such goals in mind, Campus Police Department personnel have instituted a wide variety of awareness and prevention programs.

Merced Community College District is concerned about the personal safety and security of its students, employees and guests. Campus policy does not tolerate violence, threats of violence and acts of aggression against members of the college community or visitors. It is the responsibility of our faculty, staff, and students to report acts of threats of violence to the campus police department and/or to appropriate supervisory personnel. Any student, faculty, or staff who engages in behavior which violates this policy will be subject to appropriate campus disciplinary actions, and may be subject to applicable civil or criminal legal action as well.

Day or Night

Escort services, safe lighting paths and emergency phone systems help to make the Merced campus as safe at night as it is by day. An evening Escort Service provides uniformed officers who can escort students, faculty or staff between buildings, to and from parking lots, and to the edge of campus. Each officer is in radio contact with the Police Departments communications center.

Awareness and Knowledge Ensure a Safe Campus
Because safety on campus is everyone’s business, the Campus Police Department conducts a number of safety awareness programs:

  • Building/Area Crime Prevention Surveys
  • Emergency Telephone and Lighting Surveys
  • Escort Program
  • Third-Party Sexual Assault Program
  • Operation Identification
  • Personal Safety/Rape Awareness Program
  • Residential Advisors Training Program
  • Student Orientation Program

Students are encouraged to report any problems with the campus environment t the College Police, but we encourage reporting anywhere on campus you feel comfortable such as Student Affairs staff or any campus administrators. The Campus Police maintains an anonymous crime tip line at 1-800-78-CRIME. Staff members of counseling and Psychology Services, Students Health and Counseling Center, woman’s Center and Dean of Students office are trained to assist and support victims and witnesses in notifying appropriate law enforcement authorities regarding such crimes, if requested by the victim or witness. Such reports will be included in the Annual Security Report.