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Merced Community College District
3600 M Street, Merced, CA 95348

                                BIDS TABULATIONS

Bid # 2015-08 Irrigation System

Bid # 2015-07 Janitorial Supplies

Bid # 2015-06 Telephone Systems

Bid # 2015-05 Assessment Management Systems

Bid #2015-04 Independent Auditing Service

Bid #2015-03 HVAC

Bid #2015-02 Roofing for Communication  and Administration West Buildings

Bid #2015-01 Food Service For The Los Banos Campus

Bid #2014-06 Ultra Sound System

Bid #2014-05 Ultra Sound System   

Bid #2014-04 Automobile Training Program

Bid #2014-03 Short Term Lease Pasture Land

Bid #2014-02 Janitorial Supplies

Bid #2014-01 Merced Campus Virtual Desktop Project-Prop 39 Energy

Bid #021114 Virtual Desktop Project-Prop 39 Energy

Bid #021814 Los Banos Lighting Project-Prop 39 Energy

Bid #022714 Los Banos Campus Window Film Project - Prop 39 Energy

Bid #022814 Merced College Pool Pump Project - Prop 39 Energy

 Wayfinding Project                    

Last updated on 08/05/2015.
For inquiries about the information on these pages contact Purchasing Manager,
Chuck Hergenraeder