Program Description

The mission of the Merced College Management Program is to equip students with the skills necessary to advance in a management career. The Management Program prepares students for both the challenges and changes faced in the workplace today. Students can earn an A.A. Degree or Certificate of Completion or simply take classes for professional development growth.


Merced College offers the following degrees/certificates in Management:

  • Management/Supervisory Training (AA)
  • Management/Supervisory Training (CT)
  • Customer Service Academy (CO)
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship (AA) - See Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship (CT) - See Entrepreneurship

See Degree Requirements & Course Descriptions

The Associate in Arts Degree in Management/Supervisory Training is in preparation for entry levels in management/supervision as well as for advanced preparation for those employed in supervisory positions.

The Associate in Arts Degree in Small Business Management offers training in the establishment and operation of a small business and the process of business plan creation.

Businesses with superior customer service flourish. Customer service training for you and your staff may be difficult when you are busy running a business. Merced College can help you with your professional development needs through the

Customer Service Academy conducts practical, hands-on workshops to enhance a business’ ability to gain and retain both customers and quality employees. This program delivers high quality, energetic, cutting edge training to equip your employees with the skills they need to effectively work together and serve both internal and external customers.

Participants will learn techniques and skills today that can be implemented tomorrow.

The Customer Service Academy is delivered locally through the Chamber of Commerce. The program can also be delivered on-site in your workplace. For more information about the Customer Service Academy visit us on-line at

Career Opportunities

  • Management
  • Supervision
  • Sales
  • Executive Assistant
  • Administration
  • Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Management Program Faculty

Name Position Office Email/Phone
Annette Haugen Professor/Coordinator of Business, Marketing, & Entrepreneur Programs VOC-34
209) 384-6387
Jonae Pistoresi Professor of Business Program/Coordinator CSA and ELI VOC-33
209) 384-6051