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Art 15 - Fundamentals of Design in Art is an important foundation class for all other studies in the visual arts. Course work analyzes and applies the theories of the visual elements; line, shape, mass, space, time, motion, light, color, and texture.

   Photo of student color design.
Ken Willardson        
Photo of student hand working on black & white design.   The organizing principles of design arrange the elements of design into meaningful order. These principles are the general guidelines for effective visual communication. Through a variety of studio design projects, students learn the importance of each element and principle. The principles of design include; unity, variety, balance, emphasis, contrast, compositional substructure, rhythm, scale and proportion.
David Shirey

Design professions and media studied include; drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, digital arts, film, computer graphics, illustration, sculpture, crafts, architecture, interior design, fashion, and environmental design.

For more information about Art 15,
contact Cheryl Barnett at:
or phone (209) 384-6060.

Photo of design student working on color multiples. Jennifer Alexander works on color multiples.