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Instructor explains foreshortening to students in figure drawing.
Photo of Art 24 Student
Students in Art 24, Drawing and Composition, encourage large-scale portraits to take life.   Instructor Deborah Dague-Barr explains foreshortening to
students in Figure Drawing

Art 24A - Drawing is a breadth requirement course introducing students to the principles, theories, and techniques of drawing and composition. Majors and non-majors explore foundation-level concepts in a series of assignments designed to give students a hands-on understanding.

Art 26 - Figure Drawing is a requirement for art majors and involves drawing the human form with models used in both rapid and extended studies.

For more information about drawing courses, e-mail or phone Jamey Brzezinski (209)384-6383.

Photo of Drawing Student

Students in Ralph Nena's
Art 24 class, use watercolors to
portray three dimensions.

Drawing students practice three-dimensional renditions