Merced College Emergency Medical Technician Courses


The courses are designed to prepare students for employment as an Emergency Medical Technician working for various EMS agencies, such as ambulance services, fire and hospital emergency departments. Students who complete the program in a satisfactory manner are qualified to take the required examination in order to apply for an Emergency Medical Technician I certificate.


EMER-50 Emergency Medical Technician 1 (previously ALLH-50)

photo of EMTThis beginning course is designed to teach basic emergency medical procedures and responsibilities, including stabilization of the sick and injured for transportation to medical facilities, care during transport, communication and with base-hospital personnel, and transfer of the injured to the base-hospital emergency room.  This course meets the requirements of Title 22, Division of California  Administrative Code.  Students successfully  completing EMER-50 and EMER-51 are eligible to take the EMT 1 certifying exam from any EMS Agency within the State of California, it is recommended that the student take EMER-50 and EMER-51 concurrently (4/05)


EMER-51 Emergency Medical Technician 1, Ambulance (previously ALLH-51)

Photo of paramedicThis course provides the ambulance module of the EMT 1 certification program.  Topics for the course include the roles and responsibilities of ambulance personnel, legal aspects of ambulance operation, radio communications, maintenance of medical equipment and supplies, driver licensing requirements.  This course with EMER-50 satisfies the California Administrative Code requirements for eligibility for certification as an EMT 1. (11/09)