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 Virtual Office Professional
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Virtual Office Professional

A Virtual Office Professional is an independent contractor who uses advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a Virtual Office Professional assists clients virtually from their own office on a contractual basis.

Successful completion of the Virtual Office Certificate Program prepares students for starting/working for a virtual office business. The certificate addresses issues of creating and managing their own virtual office.

Whether you plan to start your own business or not all positions in business and industries that utilize virtual administrative support, including executive assistants and office support specialists.

Career Opportunities:

  • Virtual Business Owner

  • Virtual Office & Administrative Support Assistant

  • Executive Assistant

  • Web Designer

  • Social Media Strategist

  • Social Media Manager

Virtual Office
Create your own Business as
a Virtual Assistant!

Social Media Influence and its role on the World Wide Web
Determine which platform provides your best online presence and
learn about current Social Media Tools!

Introduction to Desktop Publishing
Design Professional Layouts for Print & Publishing

r 2010

Learn how to design and produce audio podcasts

For Additional Information

For more information regarding the Virtual Office Program at Merced College, call (209) 384-6120 or visit the Lesher Student Services Center to speak to a counselor.

Virtual Office Professional Faculty
Cynthia Blackmore   (209) 384-6120
Sonja Downing   (209) 384-6120
Toni Pirtle
(209) 384-6169