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Foods and Nutrition

There are numerous opportunities for all levels of foods and nutrition careers.  Food services is one of the fastest growing industries.  Schools, hospitals, prisons, universities, food processing plants and the hospitality industry are always in need of trained food service professionals. 

Career Opportunities:

Employment of Registered Dietitians is expected to grow because of increased emphasis on disease prevention, a growing and aging population and public interest in nutrition. 

Hospitals/nursing homes, school food services, other health related facilities, college food service, industry, restaurant, public health agencies, nutrition programs, WIC programs, Meals on Wheels, health clubs, weight management clinic, community wellness centers, food companies, contract food management companies, food distribution companies.


  • Dietetic Service Supervisor Certificate - 17 units
  • Certificate of Achievement- 24 unit  (17 unit core plus 7 units of elective)
  • Associate of Arts Food and Nutrition - (see catalog for unit requirements)

Culture and Cuisine Events :

Second Annual - May 2011 - Japanese Cuisine

May 2013 - Italian Culture & Cuisine

Off-Site Resources:

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:
Programs w/ internships:
Food Science & Nutrition:

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