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Liberal Studies                         Clip art of Super Grade A+ Teacher

The liberal studies program is dedicated to assisting students who plan a future as a K-12 teacher. Students attend lecture sections to discuss the educational system, including exposure to state standards for curriculum. In addition, liberal studies students are required to spend 3 hours per week in a K-8 setting, observing the teacher-student interaction and interacting with students themselves.  Liberal Studies 10 students must observe in a K-3 setting during the language arts block.  Liberal Studies 20 students must observe in a 4-8 setting during the math/science block.  Classes may be either self-contained or single subject.


LBST-10 Mandatory Orientation:  4:00 pm on August 20, 2015 in IAC-124.

LBST-20 Mandatory Orientation:  5:30 pm on August 19, 2015 in VOC-110.

Liberal Studies allows you to get a head start towards your future in K-8 teaching.  Liberal Studies 10 and 20 are accepted at CSU, Stanislaus in place of their Liberal Studies 1000 and 2000. 

To enroll in Liberal Studies, students must do the following:

  1. See a counselor.
  2. Go to Student Fees and pay $32.00 Department of Justice fingerprint fees.
  3. Take the receipt for the payment to the Instructional Assistant in the Administration building, Robbie Deen.  She will copy your receipt, sign off your registration form, and give you the Live Scan form.
  4. Read the Liberal Studies Handbook (purchase at the bookstore) and follow all the steps listed there. To see the steps, click the following link.
  5. Be sure to go to Campus Security within 2 weeks to see if your results are in.

Liberal Studies Rules & Regulations