Fine & Performing Arts Cohort Office

Name Position Email/Phone
John Albano Dean of Fine & Performing Arts and Social Sciences
(209) 386-6777
Lisa Givens Area Secretary of Fine & Performing Arts and Social Sciences
(209) 384-6073
Renee Dekker Administrative and Box Office Assistant of Fine & Performing Arts
(209) 386-6644
Joel Aguilar Instructional Support Technician of Fine & Performing Arts
(209) 384-6369

Digital Media Faculty

Name Position Email/Phone
Alana Perlin Professor of Digital Media, (209) 381-6592

Adjunct Digital Media Faculty

Music Faculty

Name Position Email/Phone
Brandilyn Davidson Professor of Music, (209) 384-6274
Alexander Simon Professor of Music, (209) 384-6249
Adjunct Music Faculty
Adjunct Photography Faculty
Name Position Email/Phone
Jeff Gwartney Professor of Photography, (209) 386-6644
Jay Sousa Professor of Photography, (209) 386-6644

Theater Arts Faculty

Name Position Email/Phone
Lauren McCue-Bryx Professor of Theater Arts, (209) 384-6240
Theater Production Lead
Theater Staff

Visual Arts Faculty

Name Position Email/Phone
Louisa Benhissen Professor of Art / Faculty Lead, (209) 384-6063
Matthew Warner-Davies Professor of Scuplture and Art History
(209) 384-6060
Adjunct Visual Art Faculty