Adaptive physical education classes are offered to those individuals with special needs including but not limited to learning disabilities, congenital and physical discorders. Most are the result of illnesses or accidents. The adaptive PE class is dedicated to improving the condition of the disabled with rehabilitation through physical therapy including special exercises to build up endurance and muscle strength.

Course Offerings & Descriptions

Check the class schedule for current class offerings. Course descriptions below are from the 2015-2016 catalog.

PHED-15, Adapted Physical Education
1 unit: 3 hours lab. Advisory: Good general health; absence of medical conditions that
would prevent planned physical activity. Advise that student provide medical verification of disability and recommendation of medical intervention.
Adapted Physical Education provides individual instruction for the physically
disabled student or other students requiring individual approaches to
health-related fitness activities. Students will engage in health-building
activities designed to create self confidence, enhanced self image, and
physical independence. 

Adaptive PE Faculty

Name Position Office Email/Contact
Allen Huddleson Professor of Physical Education / Adaptive PE / Women's Basketball / Strength Training Gym 12, (209)384-6316