Individualized sport classes encourage the student to challenge themselves and can lead to improved life long fitness. 

Course Offerings & Descriptions

Check the class schedule for current class offerings. Course descriptions below are from the 2015-2016 catalog.

Classes offered include:

  • KINE-42, Golf
  • PHED-11C, Tennis
  • ATHL-01A, Intercollegiate Baseball
  • ATHL-01B, Intercollegiate Basketball
  • ATHL-01D, Intercollegiate Football
  • ATHL-01G, Intercollegiate Swimming
  • ATHL-01I, Intercollegiate Track and Field
  • ATHL-01J, Intercollegiate Water Polo
  • ATHL-01L, Intercollegiate Volleyball

Sports Instructors & Faculty

Sports classes are taught by various instructors; See our Faculty & Staff page.