Merced College's Physical Education courses meet the five health-related components of physical fitness which include aerobic or cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. These classes are designed to encourage a life long fitness plan for the student.

Course Offerings & Descriptions

Check the class schedule for current class offerings. Course descriptions below are from the 2015-2016 catalog.

  • PHED-10A, Aerobics
  • PHED-10F, Flexibility and Cardiovascular Fitness
  • PHED-10H, Walking for Cardiovascular Conditioning and Flexibility: Bill Halpin
  • KINE-31, Aerobic Training (1)
  • KINE-32, Circuit Weight Training (1)
  • KINE-33, Weight Training (1)
  • KINE-13, Beginning Basketball (1)
  • KINE-14, Beginning Volleyball

Strength Training Faculty

Strength Training coures are taught by various instructors; See our Faculty & Staff page.