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There are as many reasons why people establish scholarships as there are scholarships at Merced College.

As A Thank You
Some donors know very well the difference scholarships can make because they once benefited from scholarships as students. For them, continuing the chain of giving is the best way to say thank you to those who made their own education possible.

As A Milestone
Successful individuals and businesses epitomize the American Dream. For them, it is a moment of deep pride to be able to establish scholarships in their own names or their company's names. It is a milestone that signifies attainment of a goal and celebrates the education and hard work necessary to reach it.

As A Legacy
Many of the endowed scholarships at Merced College are established by friends and family members as lasting tributes, honoring the spirit and unique contributions of loved ones. Some of these scholarships perpetuate a person's passion for a particular academic subject. Others extend opportunity in the name of one who valued education, who graduated from Merced College, or who served on its faculty or staff.

As An Investment
Scholarships frequently serve as financial incentives for the best and brightest students to attend Merced College. Corporate and individual donors realize that investing in today's students is an investment in human potential. Whether these students apply their knowledge to advance their professions or improve tomorrow's communities, no other fund promises greater return.