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Merced College Donates Used Computers to Delhi Unified School District

April 13, 2005

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Isn’t that how the saying goes? Well for Delhi Unified School District (DUSD), Merced College’s 175 outdated computers destined for scrap became the District’s treasure.  

When Merced College recently upgraded their computers, a decision was made to donate the obsolete models to DUSD. Although the computers were old, DUSD was able to convert them into 150 updated computers which will be placed at Delhi High School, Delhi Middle School, Schendel Elementary and Harmony Elementary. This will allow the schools to lower their student to computer ratio and also allow the teachers to get more direct hands on access to them.  

The donation is well-timed considering high school seniors must now be required to be proficient in word processing skills and have practical knowledge of various software programs in order to graduate. For example, seniors must now demonstrate competency in the ability to integrate databases, graphics and spreadsheets into word-processed documents and to d eliver multimedia presentations by combining text, images, and sound and drawing information from various sources such as television broadcasts, videos, films, newspapers, magazines, CD-ROMs, the Internet, and electronic media-generated images.

That’s a tall order for seniors and with many of the computers being placed at the elementary school level, young Delhi students will now have the opportunity to learn these life skills at an earlier age which will serve to enhance their prospects for a brighter future.

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