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Registered Nursing Program Application

 Registered Nursing Application Handbook (revised Spring 2015)

Old or outdated applications/forms will NOT be accepted!  Revised application will be available in    December 2015 or January 2016 and will have a "Revised 2016" watermark.

The Registered Nursing Program Application Handbook is provided to give the student step-by-step procedures in applying to the RN Program.  You may download the handbook when it becomes available in December 2015 or January 2016.  The application handbook also contains a Grid of Comparable Prerequisite Courses.

The Allied Health Office will begin accepting RN applications:

March 8, 9, 10, 2016

8:30a - 12p and 1p - 2:45p ONLY

The Allied Health Office room 126 will be closed from 12p - 1p

Frequently Asked Questions (by Sue Helfgott)

Grid of Comparable Prerequisite Courses (click on link)

TEAS V Test Dates & Times (click on link)

Applications will not be accepted before or after these dates & times--for any reason.  It is the student's responsibility to meet with a counselor at least one or two months before the application period if they have classes not listed on the grid.    See page 28 of the RN application handbook.

NOTE:  27-30 students for Fall 2016 and 27-30 students for Spring 2017 are selected from this application pool.

For consideration applications must be:

  1. Submitted within the application window - hand delivered to the Allied Health Office 126Mailed applications will NOT be accepted and will be returned to sender.
  2. Complete without exception.  Incomplete applications will be returned.

The Merced College RN Program currently accepts 27-30 students into each semester.

LVN students applying for the RN Program must complete the application and be accepted before entering REGN-01 LVN to RN Transition course.  Effective Fall 2009 all LVN applicants must meet the same selection criteria as applicants entering the generic RN Program in the first semester.

.Updated on 11/12/2015