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Merced College Steps to Registration for K-12 Students:

Download and print the K-12 application packet
Click here
These steps must be followed in order!
 circle number 1
Apply for Admission
Complete the 2-page Application for Admission in your K-12 application packet and bring it to the Lesher Student Services Center, Admissions and Records Office, 2nd Floor or the Los Banos Campus, Student Services.
                                  Do NOT apply online as it will significantly delay the processing of your application.

circle 2 Obtain your ID card
Bring a picture ID (High School ID card will work) to Admissions and Records when you apply.

circle 3 Student Portion - Permit for Special K-12 Students
Complete the top portion of the Permit for Special K-12 Students to Attend Merced College that says “To be completed by student.” You must have one form for EACH class you wish to enroll in.
                                                This section MUST have a parent signature and initials where indicated.
Number 4 High School Portion - Permit for Special K-12 Students
Take this form to your high school counselor, discuss which class(es) you wish to take, have the counselor indicate the course on the form, print and sign their name.
  Merced College staff cannot complete the next portion of the form if the high school does not fully complete this area.
circle 5 Merced College Portion - Permit for Special K-12 Students
Bring your completed permit to Merced College. Following the grade level requirements on the permit, obtain the required signatures.
   1.  College Counselor signature obtained through the Counseling Office in the Lesher Student Services Center, 2nd floor.
   2. Area Dean and Professor signatures obtained through their offices.
   3. Vice President of Instruction signature obtained through the Office of Instruction @ 209-384-6199.
circle 5 Schedule Request Form
While obtaining the College Counselor's signature, have him/her work with you to complete and sign the Merced College Schedule Request Form.
circle 5 Register for Classes
Submit your completed Permit for Special K-12 Students to Attend Merced College AND your Schedule Reqeuest From to Admissions and Records on or after your registration deadline date. Registration Schedule
circle 5 Pay Fees
Online or through the Student Fees office:  On the Merced Campus - 3rd Floor, Lesher Student Services Center; On the Los Banos Center - Student Services
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