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New and Returning Students

Welcome to Merced College! Enrolling in the Student Success & Support Program (SSSP) will help you achieve your goal more quickly. It is a statewide program designed to promote student success. To be part of this program all new and returning students must participate in orientation, assessment, and education planning prior to registering for classes. As you go through this process, you will become more familiar with our college, and will find that we have a rich and interesting curriculum, that our staff is friendly and helpful, and that the Merced College faculty are knowledgeable and very approachable. You will find it easy to become a college student here by following a few simple but mandatory steps.

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Complete our online application.

Are you a K-12 Student (except graduating Seniors) or International Student?

PLEASE NOTE: All NEW or RETURNING students must complete a new application.

Within 24 hours of submitting your application, you will receive a series of three emails from Merced College. The third email you receive will contain your Merced College ID number.  Please write this number down. You will need it to complete the rest of the steps.

You will now need to set up your MC4Me Portal. The links below are resources to help with this setup.  If you are having problems with setup, call the Student Help Desk @ 209-381-6565.

 MC4Me Portal setup handout                    MC4Me Portal setup slideshow

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Complete our
online orientation.

Our online orientation is designed to give you essential information on faculty, courses, study skills, and resources to ensure a successful transition to Merced College. On the last screen, you will need to fill out a form to receive credit for completing the orientation. You must enter your student ID number to receive credit. Click here to view the Merced College New Student Handbook.

Submit all Transcripts: Send all transcripts for all colleges you have previously attended. We use these transcripts to determine prerequisite eligibility prior to your registration date. Ensure that the transcripts are official copies in sealed envelopes.

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Complete assessment requirements.

It is very important you take this test seriously. Please use the link below to prepare.

Click to view helpful inks

  • To Get A Student ID Card

On the Merced Campus:

Go to Admissions and Records - Lesher - 2nd Floor

On the Los Banos Campus:

Student Services Area - Buiding "A"

Take the placement test (student picture ID required) to evaluate your math and English skill levels. This test is self-paced and ungraded. Please allow 2 hours to complete this exam. 
  • For the Merced campus, please call (209) 384-6000, option 0, to make an appointment to assess. Schedule assessment times are noted as "Assessment" on the Merced Campus Schedule
  • For Los Banos, please refer to the Los Banos Campus Schedule. Assessments are first come, first served in Los Banos.
Sign up for a Student Planning Session.

You can schedule your appointment using the following links which requires signing onto the MC4Me portal. Please choose your preferred location -  Merced Campus or Los Banos Campus. If you are having trouble, you may call 209-381-6478.

This part of the process is designed as a two hour session. First (hour 1), you will participate in a hands-on, practical workshop that teaches you how to create your educational plan for the first semester at Merced College. Second (hour 2), you will meet individually with a counselor to discuss and approve your educational plan.

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Sign up for classes on your MC4Me portal.

Once you have completed steps 1-4, you'll be eligible to register in Group 7 (Link coming soon). If we have no record of you completing these steps, you will not be able to register. When your registration date and time arrives, go to Student Planning and find the term in which you want to enroll. Check your selected sections for availability, make any necessary changes, and press the "Register Now" button.

Next Step:

During your first semester, make an appointment to meet with a MC Counselor. Your counselor will help you create a comprehensive student education plan.

Remember, once you complete 15 units, in order to maintain your enrollment priority, you must complete your comprehensive student education plan.

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Updated 11/24/2015