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Academic Support Outline Blue Devil Football

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Academic Support Program

  1. Improve Overall Academic Skills
    1. Note taking skills
    2. Listening Skills
    3. Learn How You Learn
  1. Gain an Understanding as to what College can bring to the Individual.
    1. College gives an Individual Choices and Creates Options
    2. College enhances the Individual ability to Problem Solve at Multiple levels.
    3. College exposes the Individual to different thoughts, ideas, cultures, and people.
    4. College is Career Development and Training.
    5. College helps us define our Path and Role in Life.
  1. Create or Improve Time Management skills
    1. Prioritize activities
    2. Ability to Balance
                    1.  Academic Commitments
                    2.  Athletic/Employment Commitments
                    3.  Social Commitments

  1. Improve Overall use of Resources.
    1. Knowledge of who can help them Socially and Academically
                    1.  Tutoring Center
                    2.  Instructors Office House
                    3.  Athletic Grade Checks