Using these primary brand colors clearly connects your program and message to Merced, building recognition and trust with your audiences.

Primary Colors

Our Blue is our main color PMS 281 and our Gold is the accent color.

  • Use the recommended values below for CMYK, HEX, and RGB color spaces to achieve the most desirable gold across print and digital platforms.
  • No values other than those listed on this page may be used. Tints and shades of these colors should not be used.

MC Blue

PMS 281
R 0 / G 32 / B 92
HEX #00205C


MC Gold

PMS 1245
R 195 / G 143 / B 0
HEX #C38F00


Neutral Colors

These tertiary colors can be used as neutral colors in certain compositions.


PMS Black 6
HEX #181B21

Cool Gray

PMS Cool Gray 8
HEX #888888


PMS 7527

Light Gray




These are the fonts that support a consistent brand in everything we do.

Open Sans

Open Sans is a clean, professional and easily aquired font that contains several different weights and italics for use in any situation. This is a main typeface that can be used for body in any material.

open sans type set

Adobe Garamond Pro

Adobe Garamond Pro is a classy looking serif font for when you need to give a design an extra bit of class and elegance. Use the bold font for headlines. Use it for body copy on more official documents for added gravitas.

adobe garamond type set

Nexa Black

Nexa Black is a thick heavy font mainly used as a headline or display text on promotional materials.

Nexa black typeset

Mission Gothic

Mission Gothic is a nice, condensed font with a bit more character than open sans. It’s sparingly used as a simple accent font in certain situations. It is also the font approved for use in our sub-identities.

Mission Gothic Type set