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 Student Support Services
 Student Advocacy
 Counseling/Peer Assistants
 Human Service Agency
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 Work Experience (WEX)
 CalWORKs  Child Care
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Partners,  Resources, and Committees

On Campus Partners and Resources
Career Advancement Academy (CAA)
Disabled Student Services (DSS)
Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOP&S)
Financial Aid
Job Opportunity Services (JOS)
Los Banos Campus
Student Health Services

Community Partners and Resources
Merced County Community Action Agency
Merced County Department of Workforce Investment (MCDWI)
Merced County Human Services Agency (H.S.A.)

Merced County Mental Health

Merced County Office of Education
Worknet of Merced County Employment Resource Center your One Stop
Career Center
Valley Crisis Center

CalWORKs Implementation Group (CWIG)

This committee is made up of the Merced College CalWORKs staff, the Vice President of Student Personnel, and Dean of Student Services-Special Projects. This group discusses the needs of the CalWORKs program to streamline the function of the CalWORKs program at Merced College. This team meets on a as needed basis.

Central Valley CalWORKs Team (CVCT)
This committee is made up of CalWORKs staff from 9 California Community Colleges. This group was formed at the start of CalWORKs to meet and share information, procedures and ideas. These meetings are held 3-4 times a year at Merced College.

Self-Initiated Participants Support Team (SIP)
This committee is made up of CalWORKs Employment & Training (E&T) workers, Merced College CalWORKs counselor, as well as staff from CalWORKs Student Support Services. This team meets monthly to discuss issues and to stay abreast on new policies and procedures regarding CalWORKs students.


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