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Books Student Support Services

Book Services

Merced County Human Services Agency (H.S.A) pays for books for students who have signed a Welfare-to-Work plan with Merced County Welfare Department. This is based on funding available.

Progress reports

CSSS receives copies of progress reports on all active CalWORKs students. CSSS staff reviews these reports with students. Students experiencing academic or non-academic issues are provided appropriate resources and/or support on and off campus.

Documents and Forms Daily Activity Record

To help students stay on track with their educational plans and reach their goals H.S.A. requires that students complete daily activity forms and submit them to CSSS. These records show that students are attending classes and meeting their 35/40 hours per week requirements.

When students do not submit their forms or are not fulfilling their work activity requirements a H.S.A. Employment & Training (E&T) worker will contact them to discuss barriers and offer possible solutions to meet their obligation. Students also have the option of discussing their barriers with the CalWORKs Student Support Coordinator (Student Advocacy).

Contact: LaDenta Smith CalWORKs Student Support Coordinator
at (209) 384-6234

web page updated 06/11/2014