What a Constitution Contains

Article I. Name and purpose of organization
Article II. Requirement for membership and means of selection of members
Article III. Officers (names, terms of office, whether elected or appointed.
Article IV. Dues
Article V. Rules for amending the constitution
Article VI. Frequency of meetings
Article VII. Provision of board of directors or executive council and the means of selecting it
Article VIII. Committees (standing)

What Bylaws Contains

Membership Provisions:
  • Who can be a member:
  • Types of membership:
  • Methods of admitting new members
  • What constitutes “good standing”
  • Method of dropping members
  • Duties and Powers
  • Provision for filling unexpired terms
  • Rules for election
  • Procedure for recall
  • Amount: annual membership
  • When payable
  • Initiation fees
  • To whom all dues re payable
Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws:
  • Notice to membership of proposed amendments
  • Type of notice required
  • Vote required to effect amendment
  • Procedure for proposing an amendment: petition, motion
  • Types: regular and special
  • Procedure for calling special meetings
  • Quorum (designate a percentage of the membership
  • Parliamentary authority
  • Provision for notification of memberships if no regular meeting date is established
  • Who shall preside at special meetings
Board of Directors:
  • Eligibility for membership to board
  • Duties
  • Frequency of meetings
  • Delegation of authority to act between regular meetings of the organization
  • Who is delegated to speak for the organization in emergencies
  • What constitutes a quorum (usually majority of members)
  • How to recall members
Committees (standing):
  • Names (Finance, membership, constitution, and Bylaws, ect.)
  • How selected or elected
  • Term of office
  • Quorum (usually majority of members)
  • Meeting (number and how called

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