How to Establish an ASMC Recognized Club

1. Selecting an Advisor

The adviser must be a faculty, or a manager. It is advised that clubs select someone familiar with their subject matter.  Classified Professionals can be Co-Advisors.

  • The advisor’s role is to guide, support, and provide direction to students and to make sure students follow the guidelines set by Merced College District.

2. Club Constitution and Bylaws

All clubs must submit a constitution and bylaws document to the ASMC office with the required paperwork before being activated.

  • See the ASMC office for an example on how to create a constitution for your club.

3. Club Advisory Status

All new clubs are placed on Advisory Status and a member of the club must attend four(4) consecutive Council meetings before they can be officially recognized.

  • If two (2) consecutive Council Meetings are missed the club will be deactivated and must reapply for advisory status.

4. Club Meetings

Club members are required to meet with their members and advisor(s).

5. ASMC Council Meetings

Each club must choose a club representative to attend and represent their club at ASMC Council Meetings.

  • ASMC Council Meetings are held every Monday at 9:00 am in the Staff Dining Room (excluding summers and holidays).
  • ASMC Council Meetings follow Parliamentary Procedure (Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised) and the Brown Act and must therefore, require all items be placed on the agenda prior to Thursday at 4:00PM in the ASMC office or by using our online Agenda Item Request Form.

6. Club Activities & Events

Club members must work with their advisor and submit via the EMS system for facilities use for all activities /events. 

  • All activities must be presented to the ASMC Council for record and approval two weeks prior to event. Forms are available in the ASMC office. Club members must request to be placed on the agenda the week prior to presenting.
  • The advisor(s) must be present and attend all club meetings and functions whether they are on or off-campus.

  • If your club is interested in selling food you are required to attend a food handling orientation.  This can be scheduled with the ASMC office in the Student Union building.  A digital copy of the orientation can be found here.


Before scheduling an event, carefully review the policies and submit all paperwork by the proper deadlines.

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