Student Government (ASMC)

Associated Students of Merced College (ASMC) exists for the purpose of preserving, protecting, and defending students’ rights, academic freedom, and representative student government; to promote the educational, social, and cultural opportunities of Merced College; to assist the enjoyment of the diversity of Merced College and the community at large; and to advocate for full student participation in the affairs of Merced College.

Merced College is committed to a safe and productive learning environment.  Our school district and Title IX policy prohibit sexual misconduct which includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic or dating violence, and stalking.

For more information on community resources, prevention information, and reporting options proceed to our website:

Mailing List

Please contact the ASMC Clerks to be added to the agenda mailing list.

ASMC Council Meetings

ASMC holds meetings once a week on Tuesdays at 2:00, in Student Union 137. 

 ASMC Student Gov. Vacancies

The ASMC is seeking qualified individuals for vacant student government positions. Positions include; Executive VP, treasurer and area senator positions. Stop by the ASMC office in SU-107 to pick up an application. 


Merced  Campus 
Student Union Building - 107
How to find us: We are located next to Health Center
ASMC Merced Officers: (209) 384-6115 ASMC Officers
ASMC Merced Advisor: (209) 386-6622,