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Image of Lesher Building, Merced College
The Career Center is located
on the 3rd Floor of the
, Room 312.
Phone: 209 384 6243

Walk ins Welcome!


Career Assessment/Interest Tests

In order to take following tests, please see a counselor in the Merced College Guidance Division. There is a small fee attached to these tests.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator*


- An individual’s personality preferences

- How personality preferences relate to researching careers

- Careers that would compliment those preferences


Strong Inventory Test*


- An individual’s interests

- Careers or activities that would compliment these interests

- Compares interest’s to the interest’s of those already in the field



Online Career/Interest Assessment Tests


In order to take the following tests, please come to the Merced College Career Center for assistance.  There is no fee attached to these tests.


Eureka Occ-U-Sort


- Occupations that students would like to pursue

- An individual’s interests and skills through a series of questions

- How the occupation(s) that you selected relates to the assessment of    your interests and skills


Eureka MicroSkills


- An individual’s skills and talents

- How to transfer these skills and talents to a work setting

- Occupations that would fit an individual’s skills and talents


Eureka True Colors


- An individual’s personality

- Four colors that represent different types of occupations and    personalities

- The characteristics of the individual’s strong color that will correspond    with  skills required by a specific occupation


Eureka Occupations Questionnaire


 - Salary, education and skills and tasks of specific occupations from a     realistic point of view

- An individual’s expectations of a job are true of that occupation

- Matches for an individual’s preferences to occupations that would    fulfill them - Career Self Assessment


- An individual’s interests

- An individual’s preferences about activities that may be performed on    the job

- Careers or activities that would complement these interests


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