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Image of Lesher Building, Merced College
The Career Center is located
on the 3rd Floor of the
, Room 312.
Phone: 209 384 6243

Walk ins Welcome!


Date & Time



November 2010

Tue, Nov 30th

10am – 11am

Career Exploration Workshop

Not sure what you want to do or where to begin? This workshop will help take some of the mystery out of choosing a career that is rewarding and fun!

During this workshop, students will:

·         Take part in self-exploration activities,

·         Learn about researching careers,

·         Choose a career or field that matches who they are, and

·         Find out how to make this career goal a reality.

Students will also be given a Eureka account that can be accessed from anywhere to encourage the career planning process.

Lesher Building Room 309

February 2011

Tue, Feb 1st

10am – 11am

Career Planning & Goal Setting

Know what you want to do or where you are headed, but need a little help getting there? This workshop will help you create a 5 year plan, complete with SMART goals that will help you stay on target.


Don’t know what you want to do yet? That’s ok too! Anyone can benefit from learning how to create goals and come up with a plan for success.


Lesher Building Room 309

Tue, Feb 22nd

10am – 11am

Choosing the Right Major

Choosing a major might be one of the toughest assignments while attending college! This workshop will help you navigate the many choices available, and choose something that matches both your interests and career goals. Still having trouble narrowing it down? That’s okay! You will also learn what you can do during the semester to figure it out.

Lesher Building Room 309

March 2011

Tue, Mar 15th

10am – 11am

Interviewing Skills

Whether you have an important interview coming up, or just want to be prepared when your dream job comes along, this workshop will help you prepare for that crucial next step.


Students will learn how to:

·         Dress for success (and on a college student budget!),

·         Present oneself in a positive manner,

·         Develop effective answers to common interview questions,

·         Research employers, and

·         Ask the right questions.


Attend both the Interviewing Skills AND the Resume Writing workshops to be even more prepared!

Lesher Building Room 309

April 2011

Tue, Apr 12th

10am – 11am

Resume Writing

Need help sprucing up your resume or building one from scratch? This workshop provides a step-by-step process for creating a resume that will help you get the job you want.


Attend both the Resume Writing AND the Interviewing Skills workshops to be even more prepared!

Lesher Building Room 309

May 2011

Tue, May 17th

10am – 11am

Overcoming Career Indecision & Anxiety

Are you having difficulty deciding which direction you want to take when it comes to choosing a career? You are not alone! This workshop will provide practical steps to move you toward making that important decision with more confidence and less anxiety!

Lesher Building Room 309


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