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Disabled Student Programs & Services
 How To Enroll for Services
 Eligibility Requirements
 Student Responsibilities
 Suspension of Services
 Types of Disabilities
 Summary of Services
 Standards of Student Conduct
 Staff Directory
 Disabled Student Services Home Page
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Services available to all DSPS Students:

  •       Counseling
  •       Registration Assistance
  •       Priority Registration
  •       Monitoring/Follow-up
  •       Accommodation(s) Letters to Instructors
  •       Campus Orientations
  •       Liaison with Instructors
  •       Liaison with Community Agencies
  •       Liaison with On-Campus Offices and Programs

Services which are disability specific:

  •       Classroom Notetakers
  •       Interpreters for the Deaf
  •       Test Accommodations:  Test Proctoring Schedule (PDF)
  •       Reader Services
  •       Brailled Text, E-Text on Tape/CD, Enlarged Print, MP3 Files on CD
  •       Adaptive PE
  •       Assistive Computer Technologies Access and Training
  •       Specialized Equipment Loan
  •       DP Temporary Parking Permits (On-Campus "Blue Curb" Only)
  •       Diagnostic Assessment for Learning Disabilities