College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP)

Flyer about CCAP
Flyer About the CCAP Program (pdf)

What is the College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) program?

The CCAP program offers college courses to high school students so students can get a jump start on their college education.

What are the benefits of CCAP?

  • Earn college credits while in high school
  • Take college classes conveniently at your high school with your friends
  • Taught by qualified instructors at your high school
  • Save money! CCAP students are not required to pay tuition or purchase books!
  • Develop a seamless transition from high school to college
  • Credits are transferable to colleges and universities

Detailed Comparison of K-12 Programs

 Comparison of enrollment processes for K-12 Students, CCAP (AB 288) and Articulation 2+2

K12 Enrollment Process
K-12 Student Enrollment Processes (2017-18)