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 Merced College

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     Welcome to our public web page

The Merced College Faculty Association (MCFA) is the exclusive representative of faculty employees in matters relating to employment conditions including but not limited to, wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment. 

Click on the icons above to learn more about our organizational affiliations with the National Education Association,   The California Teachers Association, or the California Community College Association. Note especially the CCA site which contains information about local upcoming CCA/CTA conferences, and CCA President  Ron Reel's monthly newsletter, News From the Front.


As a representative body the purposes of MCFA also include:

1. Developing group opinion on professional matters to speak with the district

    and its representatives.

2. Providing the opportunity for study and action on problems of the profession.

3. Striving to raise the standards for community college education.

4. Representing ethnic-minority members.

5. Promoting professional attitudes and ethical conduct among members.

6. Encouraging cooperation and communication between the profession and the



Executive Board Members



Patrick Mitchell
(209) 384-6130
Vice President

Meg Withers 

(209) 386 - 6151

Susan Kline  
(209) 384-6335
Craig Vilhauer 
(209) 386-6653


Representative Council

Josh Daughdrill
(209) 381-6533


Chief Negotiator

Richard Randall  
(209) 384-6074

Charlie Schlinger
(209) 381-6418
Kitty Cazares
(209) 384 - 6386

Dr. Krista Wilson

(209) 384-6343

Joey Merritt

(209) 384-6283