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Library Staff

Faculty librarians are available most of the open hours to help students find information to support their class work. Librarians also provide tours and orientations for instructors and work collaboratively with faculty on discipline-specific assignments and search tools. The friendly and knowledgeable staff of the Library can help students and faculty alike locate the educational materials they need for their classwork. Please feel free to ask them for help in finding those elusive articles.

Photo of Dr. Susan Walsh, Director
Susan Walsh
Photo of Dee Near
Dee Near
Photo of Nancy Golz
Nancy Golz
Photo of Kathleen Brantley-Gutierrez
Kathleen Brantley-Gutierrez
Joey Merrit
Joey Merritt
Photo of Adair Ryan
Adair Ryan
Photo of Karrie Bullock
Karrie  Bullock
Photo of Leigh-Ann Thornhill
Leigh-Ann Thornhill

Photo of Nicole Dal Porto
Nicole Dal Porto
Photo of Cheryl Eno
Cheryl Eno
Photo of Cindy Hubbard
Cindy Hubbard
Photo of Donna Bland
Donna Bland
Photo of Denise Runner
Denise Runner
Photo of Melinda Cornwell
Melinda Cornwell
Photo of Hannah Redd-Hallman
Hannah Redd-Hallman
Updated 07/24/2014