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How do I get my grades on MC4ME Portal


USERNAME: firstname.lastname
PASSWORD: birth date in MMDDYY format
(Your password will expire. Invent a new password.)

You may use the same password you have at the Portal.

I can't log in to MC4ME Portal

  • After you have logged in to MC4ME Portal  click on WebAdvidor and then GRADES. (If on the other hand, you want an unofficial copy of your transcript, click on Transcript)


Then check one box only and click Submit



  • When are Grades posted on MC4ME Portal ?

The totality of Grades will be posted 3 weeks after Final Exams. Nevertheless, some instructors start posting their grades directly on MC4ME Portal the week after Final Exams. Do not be surprised if your grades are posted before the scheduled time.

Example: If Final Exams started the second week of December, all grades will be posted the second week of January.


  • Will the College send me by Grades via regular mail?

No, the College will not send you your grades via regular mail. The college will send your grades via email.


My Current Ongoing Grades



I will give you instructions to find your grades on all four places.

1. To look for your grades on WebAdvisor, you need to log on to MC4ME at  and go to the webpart called WebAdvisor, Academic Profile and Student Gradebook.

2. To look for your grades on your professor's MySite at MC4ME, log on to MC4ME at  and type your professor's name in the search box. Go to his personal page and click on shared documents. He might have placed them in a document using only your student id number to protect the identity of students.

3. To look for you grades on the standard website go to He might have placed them in a document using only your student id number to protect the identity of students.

4. To look for you grades on Blackboard, go to MyTools and MyGrades (Please consider that some professors opt not to display your grades there. Thus, the link MyGrades may not exist). If you are not certain on where to find the link, please go to page 15 of the Blackboard User Guide ( That page shows you where the link will be.


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