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Dear Merced College Students and Staff:


The number of financial aid applications has doubled over the past year and the Financial Aid office is working hard to find ways to more quickly process the thousands of financial aid applications that already have been submitted for next year.  You may hear complaints about longer lines when applications are submitted, but  we believe that this will result in quicker processing so that students can get their aid more quickly.


There are going to be significant changes in the way applications are handled.  I would appreciate you taking the time to read the attachment from Judy Leufgen about the changes.


Thank you for patience and support,


Anne Newins

Vice President of Student Personnel





In an attempt to serve you more efficiently and process financial aid applications more quickly, the Merced College Financial Aid Office is instituting the following changes effective March 16, 2009.


There will be 2 separate lines for financial aid transactions.


Window 1 will be where you pick up all forms, turn in BOG fee waivers, ask questions, make appointments and handle all financial aid business except turning in your Student Aid Report along with all relevant and completed financial aid paperwork.


Windows 2, 3, and 4 will be staffed by financial aid advisors.  You should only be in their line if you already have your Supplemental Form, Terms of Agreement, SAR and any other required paperwork completed and ready to turn in.  The advisor will review your file at the window.  You will be told at that time if:  you are missing any items, you need to petition, your SAR needs corrections, you are not eligible or there are any other issues related to your file.  If everything is correct and in order and the advisor is able to package you, you will be told the amount of your award and the next disbursement date.


Because advisors will need to spend more time with you while they verify your file, you should be prepared for longer waits in the advisor line.  Please be aware the number of financial aid applicants has greatly increased so more students require our services.  Waiting in line is never fun but it is often necessary.  We ask for your patience as we attempt to award more students more efficiently.


Our office hours remain 8 AM to 4:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  However, advisors will stop taking in paperwork at 4 PM.  Window 1 will still be open to hand out paperwork and answer your questions until 4:30 PM.   On Wednesdays we will be open 8 AM to 7 PM and will stop taking in paperwork at 6:30 PM.  Again, we will be available to serve you (other than accepting your paperwork) until 7 PM.


The Merced College Financial Aid Office




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