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, Email, & Blackboard Changes Affecting You!


·      We are updating our portal and, as a result, your username may change.

·      Username changes will be taking place the week of 28 December. *

·      The current MyMCCD portal and OCS student email will no longer be available 28 December.

·      The updated portal will be released this spring on 19 January 2010 and available at

·       MC4ME Portal
will continue to be available during the portal downtime through the following links:
https://MC4ME Portal

·      Students and faculty must save any important emails and data from their current OCS email account and file storage to their own personal storage media, prior to 28 December. 

·      All users will receive a Windows Live email account available through the portal.  

·      More detailed information may be found below




*Username Changes:


If your username for logging into the current MyMCCD portal and MC4ME Portal
is longer than 20 characters, we will change the format from first name dot last name to last name dot first initial.  If your last name is 20 characters or longer, a custom user name will be created, using some variation of your first and last name. Otherwise, your username will remain the same.




Once the new portal is released, your new password will be your 6-digit birth date, in the format “mmddyy”.


Please, make sure to change your password to something unique through MC4ME Portal
, for security reasons.

Your new password must be 6 to 9 characters in length and include both letters and numbers.


As always, resetting your password in MC4ME Portal
defaults to your 6-digit birth date, in the format “mmddyy”.


Windows Live email:


Your Windows Live email address will be made up of your  You can access

your email through the portal.



What's My User Name?


If you are unsure of what your username is, you can always look it up using the utility link below.  This link can also be found on MC4ME Portal
, the portal, and the public website.


Please use this Web Advisor Utility to obtain your User Name.



Any questions or concerns, please contact the Student Help Desk at: 

(209) 381-6565



Thank you,


Dwight Nadeau




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