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Hi, I am Eduardo, from the help desk. I need to tell you something important, very important. It has to do with password management. I have been helping students for decades, and I have noticed one thing, a repetitive problem students have: they forget their passwords.

Problem: students forget passwords

I have devised a way NOT TO LOOSE my passwords. I have also tried to teach a technique, or method, not to lose passwords.

The method is simple: write them all in a central place. And hide them in plain sight.

You need five things:

1.       a place to put them,

2.       the Web Address,

3.       the username,

4.       the password,

5.       a secret way to hide your password in plain sight.

PLACE TO PUT THEM: A file in the cloud you share with your computer and that you can share simultaneously with your cellphone.


USERNAME: pancho

PASSWORD: Password1234 (hide your password in plain sight by adding a mystery number at the beginning, for example: 7Password1234)


So, you will end up with a list looking like this:

PASSWORD: 7Password

USERNAME: pancho222
PASSWORD: 7Password1234

USERNAME: pancho067
PASSWORD: 7Password123

USERNAME: pancho.aaaa
PASSWORD: 7Password123455676

PASSWORD:7 Password1234777

USERNAME: pancho.22
PASSWORD: 7Password1234999

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