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Microsoft Internet Explorer SP2 built-in Popup Blocker

  1. When you visit a website that brings out the popup window such as, you will be notified by the following dialog box.

    Information bar message window  image

  2. Click “OK”. You can see the information bar (shown below) indicating that Internet Explorer blocked a pop-up window.

    Internet Explorer Information bar image  


  3. Click the information bar and then, you will be prompted to the following menu.

    Information bar pop up menu image

  4. You can temporarily allow the blocked popup by selecting “Temporarily Allow Pop-ups” menu item. You will see the information bar indicating the blocked popup window is temporarily allowed.

    Information bar "temporarily allowed" image


    You can allow all the popup windows coming from this site by selecting “Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site…” menu item. You will be prompted to confirm your choice.

    "Allow Popup from this site" confirmation menu image

    Click “Yes”.


  5. If you want to manually add or remove the sites you want to allow the popup windows, select “Tools” -> “Pop-up Block” -> “Pop-up Blocker Settings…”

    Menu image from Tools to Popup blocker

  6. You can manually add new sites or remove old sites by clicking “Add”, “Remove” and “Remove All” buttons. For example, you can use asterisk (*) to include all sub-sites within Cal State L.A. like *

    Popup blocker settings window image

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