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Q. I am getting a message that says my account was locked due to too many incorrect attempts when trying to input my password.

A. You account only locks up for 15 minutes. Please, try again or reset and invent a new password.


You account only gets locked for fifteen minutes. You can try again in fifteen minutes. Please keep in mind that our system locks up your account if you try to put the wrong password more than three times in a row. However, it only locks the account for fifteen minutes. So, you can wait and try again.

However, if you notice that you keep on getting locked up every time you try three wrong attempts; there is a probability that your password is not what you think it is. It is at this point in time, when I would recommend for you to reset your password and invent a new password (steps 2 and 3 of the instructions). Otherwise, you will keep on getting locked up.

If you have difficulties, please watch the video. The process for resetting your password and creating a new one is a rather complex one. Several steps are required to complete the process successfully. Please watch the instructions and/or the videos: 

Please contact me if you continue to have difficulties. You are welcome to come so I can help you figure out how to create your password. I am located at IAC-125.


Q. I am getting a message that says, “For DMI request type of MNRQ, an application must be specified.”

A. 1. If you are accessing MC4ME Portal
via Internet Explorer, you must be using version 6.0.29 (not version 5). Check version by going to the help menu in explorer and selecting the “About Internet Explorer” option.

A. 2. Make sure security settings within Internet Explorer are not set as “high”. To check this, go to the Tools menu in Explorer and select “Internet Options.” Click on the “Privacy” tab. Verify that this does not say “high”. If it does, change it to “medium”, click “Apply” and then click “OK”.

A. 3. Make sure Internet Explorer is not rejecting cookies. MC4ME Portal
places a cookie on your PC every time you log in, and then deletes it when you log out. To check this, go to the Tools menu in Explorer and click “Internet Options.” Click on the “Privacy” tab. Click the “Advanced” button and verify that none of the “block” options are selected.

A. 4. If none of these options work, try this. Go to another PC and try logging in to MC4ME Portal
. Any number of security settings on a PC (firewall, some anti-virus software, some pop-up blockers…) will cause this problem. If you successfully log in to MC4ME Portal
on the other computer, that verifies that the issue is with your Internet Explorer Browser and/or your PC and not with the MC4ME Portal

Check our Accept Cookies section as well as our Turn Off Pop Up Blocker section.

You can also try downloading Firefox browser. If will most likely solve all your Security Problems. Download here.


Q. I am getting a message that says, “Username not found in the registry. Please contact your system administrator.”

A. 1. Username is case-sensitive. We create usernames with all lower-case letters. Be sure you are using all lower-case when typing the user name.

A. 2. If you are a student, make sure you are using the MC4ME Portal
login name which in most cases is firstname.lastname.

Q. I am getting a message that says, “ connect (code=10061)”

A. Contact the Help Desk (209.381.6565, or e-mail: to report this error. It indicates a system wide error for all MC4ME Portal
users, not just your computer.

Q. MC4ME Portal
keeps making me re-type my username and password on every page.

A. This problem could be caused by the system clock on your PC being wrong (meaning that cookies are expiring). Check the PC clock to be sure it is set correctly and for the right time zone. This can be done by double-clicking the clock in the Windows system tray (typically in the lower right corner of the screen).

This problem could also be caused by security settings on a specific PC. Follow the above steps under the “For DMI request type of MNRQ…” error.

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