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URL: (click login)
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USERNAME: firstname.lastname (lower case)*
PASSWORD: birth date in MMDDYY format
Note: Please allow us 24 to 48 hours to grant you access after you register for a course at A&R if the semester has already begun. Otherwise, access begins a week prior to start of the semester.
*Your username is the same username you have on WebAdvsior. It might have extra number added to it. Check if not sure.

Blackboard User Guide Pdf

New to an online course?
You have come to the right place

Being on the waitlist does not grant you access to Blackboard. You still need to register. Get the instructors signature on form MC1398B and take it to Admissions and Records. You may also take and email from the instructor explicitly allowing you to add his/her course.


Three important steps you need to follow:

1. Download the Blackboard User Guide for Online Courses in PDF format
Note: Allow all applications to run, as indicated in page 7.

2. Download and Install Java J2SE(TM) Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 7 (Only if you experience difficulties)

NEW: Java not working after Firefox 3.6 update. If you are running Firefox 3.6, you need the latest JAVA version. Get it at (March 2010)

3. Tune Up you computer by clicking on the Browser Check button on the Blackboard Page. Make sure you Allow Pop ups.

In order to pass the test, run IE8 in Compatibility mode (so that it behaves as IE7).
Excerpt from MSDN:


Math-A and Math-C courses are not in Blackboard. Go to the website of your instructor to find out how to access. Meidinger M or Meidinger S

Do you have difficulties attaching files in Blackboard?
Please use firefox

Download our brochure: Java and You


Image of entry page with two buttons (options): Course view and Log in.

  • Type your username and password

Image of login page with username and password fields.



CC enabled


Type your username and password. All students must login to the Blackboard CE 6 server using their portal username, which is your first name, a period, and your last name.  Everything must be lowercase.  Your six-digit birth date, in MMDDYY format, is your password.  MMDDYY means two digits for the Month, two digits for the Day and two digits for the year.

NOTE: You must still use your birth date even if you have changed your OCS Portal password



See a more detailed installation



Other Miscellaneous

Download the Blackboard User Guide for Online Courses in PDF format (new)
You can right click and save it to your desktop (Get Adobe Reader if you cannot read the Guide)



Instructional Videos

Assessment, Assignments, Discussion, Email, Chat, How to see all my assessments


  • I cannot open documents in Blackboard. I need help! You need to take three steps in order to solve the problem.

1. Your need Java 5.0_07. (Mission Critical) 

2. You need to have Microsoft Office 2007, or the free Openers of MS office documents, or the converter in case you have MS Office 2003.

3. You need to follow instructions to bypass the MS Bug while using IE and Blackboard.


  • How to change your password in Blackboard. It's easy


How to be a successful online student

  • What are the PC requirements to take an online course?
    Please go to
    Registration & General Information in the schedule page located at . Under the section called Online and Hybrid Instruction, you will find the requirements.

  • When will I be able to access my online course?
    You need to give us 48 hours to process your request, e.g.: if you registered for the course on Wednesday morning, January 9; you will have access on Friday 11 in the afternoon. Call or email Steven Alexander @ 384 6191 if you can't login after 48 hours.

  • There is a "bug" when trying to open MS office documents in Blackboard CE6 and when using IE simultaneously. Work around.

  • I do not have MS Office. How can I read the documents? Open MSOffice docs

  • IE crashes when I am on Blackboard. I cannot even run the Browser Check.
    Find the solution in this document that tells you how to uninstall Java and install the proper Java version.

  • I use a 2006/2005 version of Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiSpam. I need to unblock popups

  • I cannot watch the videos properly on my CLDV course. I hear the audio track, yet I do not see the full length of the movie. Solve the problem

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