Merced Community College District

Bond Oversight Committee Minutes

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Members Present: William Edwards, Richard Gerbi, Lucille Milani,            Andrea Garibay       


Members Absent:   Michael Amabile, William Warner, Mary Camper


Other Present:         Larry Johnson, Joe Allison, Marvin Smith, Shawna Guerrero

Terry Eyrich, Sheila Flores (recording)


The meeting was called to order at 5:10 p.m. by Larry Johnson.  The pledge of allegiance was led by Andrea Garibay.


Each committee and staff member introduced themselves. 


1.            Selection of Chairperson

The committee agreed to nominate and approve a Chairperson at the next scheduled Bond Oversight Committee Meeting.  Larry Johnson agreed to chair the meeting until a Chairperson is selected. 


2.            Hearing of the Public

There was nothing from the public.


3.            Acceptance of Minutes from the meeting held on Saturday, April 28, 2007

It was MSCU (Milani/Edwards) to accept the minutes.


4.            Committee Duties


a.    Guidelines of Committee

Chesley Quaide, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, legal counsel for Merced Community College District, distributed a summary to the committee members, which outlined their responsibilities.  Chet stated there are three main functions of the oversight committee:


1)    Ensuring that bond revenues are expended only for the projects listed on the bond list of projects.

2)    Ensuring that bond revenues are not expended on any teacher or administrative salaries or other school operating expenses. 

3)    Release at least once per year a bond oversight report for the public,     which outlines the activities of the committee.  All documents received by the Committee and reports issued by the Committee shall be a matter of public record and be made available on an Internet website maintained by the Governing Board of the District.


b.    Bylaws

Larry Johnson referred to the Bond Oversight Bylaws, which were approved at the June 13, 2003 Board of Trustees Meeting.  The Bylaws are contained in the folders distributed to committee members and Larry encouraged members to review the Bylaws prior to the next meeting. 




5.            Review of Draft 2006-07 Annual Bond Oversight Committee Report

Larry Johnson referred to the draft 2006-07 Bond Oversight Report.  This is an annual report that is prepared for the public to ensure that the bond funds are spent accordingly.  A draft is prepared for the fall meeting and the final report is brought back to the spring meeting for approval. 


Prior to the spring meeting, the annual independent performance audit and annual independent financial audit will be forwarded to the committee for review.    Once approved, the report will then be forwarded to the Board of Trustees.  A copy of the report is mailed to all newspapers, posted at the public display location at the campuses and posted on the Bond Oversight Web Page.


6.            Construction Project Update

Dr. Johnson referred to a handout, and gave a brief description of each of the projects.  Below is a summary of his report:


Learning Resources CenterThis project was completed in winter of 2007 and is a beautiful enhancement to the Merced Campus.  The project was 50% state funded and 50% bond funded.


Los Banos Campus -  The Los Banos Campus was completed in spring 2007 and the first classes were held summer 2007.  Building A was funded by the state and Building B, Building C and parking lots were funded by the bond. 


Science Building Remodel Project – This project was completed in summer of 2007 and the first classes were held in August.  This project was a state/bond funded project and provides students with the most state-of-the art science instructional facilities. 


Business Resource Center - This new building will provide a 21,000 assignable square feet facility for employment training and economic development courses.  Included in this building will be classrooms, computer laboratories, conference rooms and community meeting spaces for college/business collaboration and faculty and staff offices space.  The facility is located at 630 19th Street, Downtown Merced.  It is anticipated this project will be completed January 2008.  


Lesher Building Remodel  Project - This project reactivates 21,660 assignable square feet to address the need for the development of centralized services on the Merced Campus.  Admissions, Records, Registration, Counseling, Financial Aid, EOP&S, DSPS and other student services are consolidated into what was once the undersized library building.  The project also includes the relocation of a portion of the bookstore and a number of student service functions from the Cafeteria Building.  This project frees up space to be converted back to its original program designed usage for student center functions.  There is a lack of student gathering and dining space to accommodate the growing enrollment of the campus.  It is anticipated this project will be completed by April 2008.








Allied Health Center Project - This project constructs a new health occupations training center near the Tri-College Center.  When completed, this building will house classrooms and laboratories for programs in nursing, medical imaging, and other related disciplines, and meeting room and faculty and staff offices.  It is anticipated this project will be completed by fall of 2008.


Administration Building Remodel - As a result of the Lesher Building Remodel, space in the Administration Building becomes available for Administrative functions.  When completed, the building will house a state-of-the-art Board Room, Superintendent’s Office, Vice Presidents’ Offices, Deans’ Offices, Foundation and Business Office. 


Student Union Remodel - This project is a secondary affect of the Lesher Building Remodel.  The Student Union Building is modernized and the space becomes primarily student space.  Included in this remodel are meeting rooms, Student Health and additional student study space.      


Agriculture Science and Industrial Technology Project - This project provides a new Agriculture Science and Industrial Technology building in response to changing education and technical training requirements of persons entering and continuing employment in the agriculture and industrial technology sectors of Merced County and the Statewide economy.  Complementing the existing “dirty labs” for these programs, this project provides uniquely different “clean” technology oriented labs, which can be utilized for classes in the agriculture business, animal science, electronics, mechanized agriculture, plant science and for college/industry collaboration.


Vocational, Theater, and Art Building Remodels

As a result of the Allied Health Complex Project, the Vocational Building will be remodeled to provide additional instructional lecture, lab, and office space for the campus.  The Theater and Art Buildings will be remodeled to remove inaccessible student functions from the Theater Basement.


7.            Date and Time of Next Meeting

Larry Johnson suggested the next meeting date of March 6, 2008, at 5:00 p.m. at the new Business Resource Center.  Sheila will send out a notification prior to the meeting.    


The meeting adjourned at 5:54 p.m.


Larry thanked members for taking the time to serve Merced Community College District on the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee.  He informed committee members that if they have any questions, to contact Sheila Flores.  Her contact information was provided in the committee binders.  Sheila reminded members that they can view the progress of the construction projects by accessing the bond oversight webpage


After the meeting a few of the members took a tour of the new Science Building, led by Dr. Terry Eyrich, Chairperson of the Facilities Master Planning Committee and Division Chair of the Science and Math Division.