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Prop 39 Citizens Oversight Committee Minutes

Saturday, October 4, 2003 - 9:00 a.m.
Merced College Tri-College Center Board Room

Members Present:
Bob Edminster, Michelle Allison, Chris Tafoya, Keith Groniga, Maggie Randolph, Mary Villalta Brooks, Gerald Hoyt

Members Absent:
Barbara Ward

Others Present:
Larry Johnson, Marvin Smith, Joe Allison, Terry Ruscoe, Terry Eyrich, Dave Younger, Sheila Flores (recording)

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Larry Johnson. Michelle Allison led the Pledge of Allegiance.

  1. Hearing of the Public
    (An opportunity will be given to citizens to address the committee on matters of the bond process B a five minute time limit will be allotted to each speaker, with a maximum of twenty minutes to each subject, unless extended by the Chairperson.)

    There was nothing from the public.

  2. Appointment of Chairperson and Co-Chairperson

    Larry Johnson informed members that the Oversight Committee Bylaws state that Dr. Duran is responsible for selecting the first Chairperson. Therefore, Dr. Duran appointed Chris Tafoya as committee Chairperson. Chris Tafoya asked for a volunteer to serve as co-chairperson. Since there were no volunteers the selection of the co-chairperson was tabled and moved to the next meeting.

  3. Approval of Minutes from the June 11, 2003 Meeting

    It was MSCU (Randolph/Groniga) to approve the minutes with the following correction: change spelling of “Villalto” to “Villalta”.

  4. Presentations

    1. Merced Campus and Los Banos Campus Projects

      Dave Younger, District Architect with Lionakis Beaumont Design Group Inc, gave the committee a presentation of the Bond Projects for both campuses. (A copy of the presentation is available by contacting Sheila Flores at MCCD.)

      Dave explained each of the guiding principals that led to the sequence of bond projects.

      Dave then described each of the Los Banos Projects. The new campus will be housed on a donated site of land on West Highway 152. The land around the site will be developed by the donor.

      The first phase of construction of the Los Banos Campus will include Site Development and a Classroom/Library Building. These projects are totally state funded. In an effort to maintain state funding for these projects, the District will not be able to start the Academic Technology Building and Vocational Educational Building until after the first phase is completed.

      The first Los Banos Campus Bond Sale net $5.14 million. A subsequent bond sale will net approximately $6.93 million and is planned to occur in August 2005.

      The Merced College Campus Projects include the Fire and Safety Improvement Road (North and South), Science Building Remodel, Business Resource Center, Learning Resource Center, Allied Health Building, Technology Training Building, Agriculture Science and Technology Building, Access Improvement, and miscellaneous renovation projects.

      The first Merced Campus Bond Sale net $20 million. Subsequent bond sales scheduled for 2006 and 2010 will net approximately $33.5 million.

      Dave explained that some of the bond dollars will be utilized for District Contribution towards projects forwarded to the state for requests for funding. This will allow the District to obtain state funding, which will allow bond dollars to go further. However, in order for the District to remain competitive, it is very important that the District does not overbuild, thereby affecting the capacity-to-load ratios. The state uses the District’s capacity-to-load ratios, along with other variables, to determine eligibility for state funding.

      Dave concluded with an explanation of potential impacts to the Bond Sequence.

      Mary Villalta Brooks asked if the District was competing with other Community Colleges for state funding. Dave said that the District is always in competition with other colleges for funding and that is why maintaining competitive capacity-to-load ratios throughout the entire process is extremely important.

      Dave added that funding from the state relies on the passage of state bond elections. For example, the Science Building Remodel funding is contingent on the March 2004 bond passing. If the bond does not pass, or if the bond is moved to the November election, the schedule for the project is moved further back.

      Mary Villalta Brooks asked if the teachers were asked for input to the selection of the bond projects. Terry Eyrich explained that through the District’s shared governance process, several meetings and workshops were held to receive input. From these meetings and input from our educational consultant the District established a list of bond projects. This list represents a very well thought out plan, according to Dr. Eyrich.

      Dave Younger added that a 3% inflation rate has been built into the plan over the life of the bond.

      Chris Tafoya asked if the District is responsible for Environmental Studies on the Los Banos Campus. Terry Ruscoe said that the District is responsible for the donated land and we are in the process of completing all EIR documents for the Merced Campus and Los Banos Campus. The documents should be completed by next year.

      Bob Edminster asked if the dairy located near the Los Banos Campus property is part of the developer’s plan. Dave Younger said the donor plans on developing the entire area around the Los Banos Campus site.

  5. Discussion and/or Action

    1. Reporting Process

      Marvin Smith referred to the financial portion of the Draft Annual Committee Report and introduced Joe Allison, District Director of Fiscal Services.

      Joe explained that they took the information from the last committee meeting and compiled the financial documents for the period ending June 30, 2003.

      For clarification purposes, Larry Johnson explained that this annual report will be presented for approval at the next Bond Oversight Committee meeting. Next year’s annual report (period ending June 30, 2004) will be available at the fall meeting for approval.

      After review of the financial documents the committee was pleased with the format and asked for the following additions/changes:
      1. More detailed description of work performed by consultants.
      2. Project order changed to “actual sequence”.

        Marvin added that next year the financials will include figures for 2002-03, 2003-04 and the totals to-date.

    2. Annual Bond Oversight Committee Report

      Larry Johnson referred to the draft Annual Report. He explained that this document represents the committee’s actions through June 30, 2003. The committee is required by law to compile an annual report.

      After a review of the document the committee agreed to accept the draft document.

      Sheila will prepare the document for approval at the next Bond Oversight Committee Meeting.

      Chris Tafoya asked if representatives from the local newspapers were invited to attend the meetings. He felt that since the main part of the committee’s duties is to inform the public it would be advisable that the newspaper representatives attend the meetings. Chris added that news releases would be a good avenue for distribution of the information.

      Mary Villalta Brooks said that she would like to see a representative from the Los Banos Enterprise at the next meeting.

      Sheila informed Chris that all newspaper representatives are notified and invited to each of the committee meetings.

      Larry Johnson said that the District public information officer will be invited to the next Bond Oversight Committee meeting and a news release announcing approval of the annual report will be done.

    3. Bond Oversight Committee Bylaws

      Larry Johnson referred to the Prop 39 Bond Oversight Committee Bylaws that were reviewed by the committee at the last meeting and approved by the MCCD Board of Trustees at the June 17, 2003 meeting.

      There was no discussion of this item.

    4. Date and Time of the Next Meeting

      The next meeting will be held on Saturday, March 13, 2003 at 9 a.m. at the Los Banos Campus.

  6. Campus Tour

    At this time of the meeting, the committee was given a tour of the Merced College Campus.

  7. Meeting Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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