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Learning Resource Center Project


This project was 50% locally bond funded and 50% state capital outlay funded and was open to students on February 20, 2007.

This facility is the largest building on campus with more than 74,500 square feet of space.  

Learning Resource Center Project
December 2006 Report [214k .pdf] December 2006 Photos
November 2006 Report [250k .pdf] November 2006 Photos
October 2006 Report [173k .pdf] October 2006 Photos
September 2006 Report [167k .pdf] September 2006 Photos
August 2006 Report [154k .pdf] August 2006 Photos
July 2006 Report [143k .pdf] July 2006 Photos
June 2006 Report [169k .pdf] June 2006 Photos
May 2006 Report [161k .pdf] May 2006 Photos
April 2006 Report [163k .pdf] April 2006 Photos
March 2006 Report [156k .pdf] March 2006 Photos
February 2006 Report [175k .pdf] February 2006 Photos
January 2006 Report [pending] January 2006 Photos [pending]