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Off-Campus Locations

Merced College offers classes each semester at different community sites including:

  • Delhi
    Classes are held at Delhi High School (DELHS) and the Delhi Center of Merced College (room locations shown with a prefix of MC). Delhi High School is located at 16881 W. Schendel in Delhi and the Delhi Center of Merced College is located at 9384 Merced Avenue. For more room location information, contact Ana Guillen at (209) 669-3178 ext. 1001 during high school business hours.
  • Dos Palos High School
    Classes are held at Dos Palos High School (DPHS), located at 1701 Blossom; Dos Palos. The class schedule, room numbers and school map will be posted on the front doors of DPHS. For additional information on DPHS classes, call Lisa Conger at (209) 392-0310 during high school business hours.
  • Mariposa
    Classes are held at Mariposa High School (MPHS) located at 5074 Old
    Highway North, Mariposa.
  • Valley State Prison/Central CA Women's Facility (classes for employees only)
    Classes held at the CCWF and VSP have restrictions. Classes are held at Central California Womens Facility (CCWF) located at 23370 Road 22 in Chowchilla and Valley State Prison (VSP) located at 21633 Road 24 in Chowchilla. These classes are held in administrative areas of the prison, but certain restrictions apply (such as dress). Blue clothing and denim are prohibited. For information contact Lyle Davis at (209) 384-6050.

Check the class schedule for current offerings. Registration for off campus credit classes is completed in either Los Banos or Merced.