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Help in Los Banos

Even though Los Banos is a small satellite campus serving approximately 900 credit and 400 non-credit students, we try to offer the learning support services, which will help our students become better learners and more successful students.

General Tutoring: General tutoring is offered by need on an individual basis. It can take place in both one-on-one tutoring as well as in group tutoring. Because of budget restrictions, we reserve general tutoring for students who are taking classes that arenít supported by other learning services on campus. All tutors have taken the courses and have done well in them.

EOPS Tutoring: This is similar to general tutoring, but is targeted to the EOPS student. While general tutoring may only be able to offer the student one hour of tutoring per week, the EOPS student may be able to get more one-on-one help more often through the EOPS tutoring program.

Class Assistants: For the daytime English 83, English 84, and English 81 classes, Class Assistants are available to work with students on the material covered in class. Because the Class Assistants attend the class, unlike tutors they are current with the course discussion and the content of the class. They are students who have done well in the course and who are improving their knowledge of the content of the course by assisting others.

Study Hall: For English 83, 84, and 81 classes as well as Math 91, 80, A, C, & 10, the faculty holds specific office hours in their classrooms for an open study hall. Here the students are provided with a casual environment with which to work in study groups, work on homework, or get additional help from the instructor. The instructors welcome questions about the homework and often will spend one-on-one time with the students. Class Assistants will also hold their study hours during this time under the supervision of the instructor.

Computer Lab: This lab is intended for credit and non-credit students working on a variety of computer applications required to complete academic tasks. We have 26 computers with Internet access for job search, research, and assigned classroom writing. Used for educational purposes only, the computers are also available for students to improve their keyboarding and computer skills. Hours of operation are posted semester by semester at campus.

EOPS, DSS, and General Counseling: Academic counseling is available from EOPS, DSS, and Student Services. Each caters to the specific needs of the students to make college a successful venture for that student. Ranging from class scheduling to scholarship applications to transfer advice, the counseling staff is dedicated to helping the students negotiate the college environment.